Typical Cases
Litchi takes private plane in the "Nationwide Freshness Campaign" of Shenzhen Airlines.

Shenzhen Airlines-- How does Calais achieve nationwide freshness?

Many people may say that it's just a problem of loading litchi into the freight house of a plane. It is not the fact. The colour and flavour of Litchi begin to change about three days after it is placed naked on the ground since it is plucked from the tree. This means logistics companies need to take quite a lot of freshness retaining measures in addition to ensuring accurate transportation time. To protect litchi from being crushed, bruised, bumped and pressed, etc., Calais arranged a special team to pick up litchi from the orchard immediately after litchi was plucked from the tree. Litchi was carefully delivered to special passenger plane (not common cargo aircraft) with professional care. Before loading, all passenger seats were dismantled to level the passenger cabin (as shown in Picture A), then professionals placed litchi carefully in the cabin (litchi was not piled up, but placed with single layer, as shown in Picture B). Baskets of litchi were placed at designated place in order according to requirements. The distance between two baskets of litchi and the weight of each basket of litchi (around 5kg) were calculated strictly to meet the highest safety requirements on litchi transportation. After that, the temperature and humidity of the cabin were adjusted to the most proper ones for the sake of freshness maintenance before the plane took off. After the plane arrived at the destination airport, a professional team placed litchi carefully into a special warehouse. Litchi was cared like a baby in the whole journey. This is exactly the litchi transportation requirements of Shenzhen Airlines and Calais.