Typical Cases
Calais takes charge of the global storage business of SWIMS, a company in Norway.

SWIMS is a world-famous brand in Norway in North Europe. It is famous for producing gentleman shoes. Calais has provided SWIMS with storage, transportation, distribution, packing, customs declaration and other services since 2011.


The storage centres of Calais cover a total area of more than 5000 square meters; the storage area in the charge of Calais exceeds 10000 square meters. Calais adopts management mode of modern logistics system to realize effective unification of data centralization and dispersion and to realize effective integration of resources to the utmost. Calais applies vehicle-mounted monitoring platform to carry out whole-process tracking of vehicle operation and material safety.

Logistics personnel of Calais classify goods according to binning details and clear up standard packing list and invoice. The customer service manager at port will verify, confirm and submit the packing list to customs broker for arrangement of professional customs declaration. Specially-assigned personnel of Calais will follow up the whole operation process and provide one-stop service according to client's requirements. Due to the professional and mature operating mode of Calais, all linkages such as reservation of freight space, packing, encasement, material verification and declaration are closely connected. In this way, either cost expenditure of SWIMS or our manpower and materials are saved substantially, thus greatly improving the working efficiency. Calais also provides good preparation and positive assistance for customs clearance of SWIMS at destination port.

The cooperation with SWIMS not only reflects the strength of Calais, but also fully reflects brand influence of Calais, which helps Calais to accumulate more confidence and precious experience for development of major clients' business.