Typical Cases
Calais customized logistics solution for Guangze Group.

In March 2015, Calais fortunately carried out logistics cooperation with the largest auto parts manufacturer in China-- Guangze Group, namely providing Guangze Group with customized import & export logistics solution. Guangze is an enterprise solely funded by Taiwan businessman that was established in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province in August 1999. Covering an area of 139,600㎡, Guangze mainly deals in curved surface printing, surface spraying, electroplating process, real wood processing and injection molding of auto interior trim part as well as velvet sticking, lagging and modification of steering wheel, etc. Some of its products are sold to Japan, America, Europe and Africa, etc. Guangze went public in 2012.  As Guangze has numerous subsidiaries and enormous business scale, its import & export and logistics flows are extremely complicated, including logistics allocation among subsidiaries, cross-border transportation of goods, storage of imported and exported goods, and customs declaration & clearance of the subsidiaries. Due to the lack in effective integration of logistics resources, Guangze Group was beset by the following problems for a long time: long time needed for customs clearance, and high costs for manpower and materials, which intangibly brought about risks to the group.