Typical Cases
Calais acted as the general agent of global supply chain business of IVS (an English company)

In early 2010, Calais obtained the general agency of global supply chain business of IVS after great efforts and was highly praised by IVS. IVS is a large-scale toy purchase company in England and a major supplier of BBC. The major products IVS purchases from across the world include ICE AGE, Dragon Chaser and Kung Fu Panda, etc.

Before carrying out the cooperation, Calais spent 10 months in carefully probing into the logistics situation of IVS in terms of various linkages and operational reality and seriously drawing conclusion on the existing problems. On the basis of meeting business requirements of IVS and obtaining approval from IVS, Calais customized high-efficiency logistics solution for IVS with the concept of persistently creating high value, that is, integrating all Chinese suppliers of IVS, changing the situation where suppliers are not well organized and do things in their own ways, and realizing seamless linkage of import & export full supply chain ranging from FCL and LCL to airlift, express, storage and customs clearance.

With the effort of Calais, the frequency of business trip taken by the personnel in London headquarters of IVS was reduced evidently. The logistics efficiency was remarkably improved; the costs were effectively controlled; and the requirements of IVS for remote control of global purchasing and supply were fulfilled. Presently the global logistics business of IVS is in the full charge of Calais.