Activated international freight forwarding business
Activated special lines of Southeast Asia, Middle East and Africa
Dongguan Calais Logistics Co., Ltd. was established and began to carry out comprehensive business.
Calais obtained permit for domestic express operation.
Calais Guangzhou was established.
Calais carried out strategic cooperation with China Southern Airlines and became its VIP freight space owner.
Calais activated cross-border logistics information management system to carry out information-based management.
Calais has cooperated with BES Group to carry out international and domestic dual-directional logistics business.
Calais Shenzhen was established.
Calais entered into land forwarding contract with DHL.
Calais Zhongshan was established.Calais Zhongshan was established.
Calais has carried out strategic cooperation with Shenzhen Airlines to activate cross-border E-commerce logistics and storage services.