Company Profile


       Founded in 2002 in Dongguan City, Calais is a professional logistics service group that provides omni-directional logistics solutions and logistics execution service, with its service sectors including international & domestic airlift, international & domestic shipping, international & domestic express, domestic land express, goods storage and distribution.


       Through making full reference to international advanced logistics management concepts and integrating various resources, Calais can provide clients with high-quality logistics solutions and stable execution services by virtue of its transboundary thoughts. At present, Calais has carried out close strategic cooperation with over 40 large-scale airline companies, over 30 shipping companies and four major international express companies at home and abroad. Moreover, Calais has entered into contract for primary agency with DHL--a leading international express company and Shenzhen Airlines of Air China Group-- one of the most powerful companies in China, thus owning abundant advantageous logistics resources and being able to provide customers with abundant, 3-dimensional and highly-efficient supply chain service. 


       In addition, Calais has played the role of commercial coordination. Either in terms of purchase negotiation in China or grasping of international business opportunities, Calais can use its own resources and experience to provide you with satisfactory assistance in many aspects.