Website Terms of Use

I. General Provisions

The parties under this service agreement refer to Shenzhen Calais Logistics Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Calais Company”) and the user of “Calais Website” and this service agreement has the legal effect.

The terms and conditions below constitute the agreement between the user and Calais Company in connection with the user’s use of Calais Website and the service relating to Calais Website provided by Calais Company (hereinafter referred to as “the service”).

After the user acknowledges this service agreement, this service agreement shall come into force between the user and Calais Company. The user must read all the contents of this service agreement carefully before registration. In case of any doubt, please consult with Calais. Whether the user has read this service agreement carefully or not before registration actually, the user’s click on the button of “Confirm” at the bottom of agreement text and successful registration as a user according to registration procedures of Calais Website indicate that the user has agreed with and signed this service agreement.


II. The User’s Rights and Obligations

1. The user has the right to publish the information, make comment and join activities and other services without special restriction according to this agreement and relevant rules of notices on Calais Website;

2. The user shall comply with laws and rules, respect social virtue, abide by the principle of good faith and not disturb network order in using various services; 

3. Comments and evaluation published by the user shall be true and they are not allowed to insult, slander and comment others viciously;

4. Information published by the user shall not infringe others’ intellectual property or other legal interests; 

5. The user agrees not to use the information on Calais Website for commercial purpose, including but without limitation to use of any information shown on Calais Website by copying and spreading;

6. Under the circumstance that the initial published information is effective, the user shall not publish the information which is the same as or similar to such information repeatedly;

7. If the user is a consumer, the user has the right to make comments on merchants, but such comments shall be true and not violate laws and rules and social virtue; 

8. The user agrees to receive the email or information from Calais Company or Calais Company’s partners. 


III. Calais Company’s Rights and Obligations

1. Calais Company is obliged to maintain the normal running of the whole platform with current technology and try to upgrade and improve the technology; due to the special nature of online platform, Calais Company is not obliged to examine all the members’ registration information, actions and other matters in advance; 

2. If the user has any dispute with others due to his or her any action on Calais Website and judicial department or administrative department asks Calais Company to provide relevant information according to legal procedures, Calais Company has the right to disclose the user’s relevant information to such judicial department or administrative department, including but without limitation to registration information and personal information (please refer to Item 7 of Article III under this agreement for the definition); 

3. If the user has any illegal or improper action on Calais Website or any circumstance occurs which Calais Company think necessary to terminate the service, Calais Company has the right to delete the information or terminate the service without the user’s permission;

4. Calais Company has the right to read the user’s registration information, his or her actions on Calais Website and other matters. If Calais Company finds out that there are some problems in the registration information or reasonably suspects that the user’s actions and other matters are improper or illegal, it has the right to question the user and demand correction;

If Calais Company thinks that the service shall be terminated due to the user’s actions mentioned above, Calais Company also has the right to apply Item 4 of Article III under this agreement directly; Calais Company can transfer this agreement without the user’s consent;

5. When the user uses Calais Company’s service, Calais has the right to receive and record the user’s personal information, including but without limitation to IP address, information in website Cookie, webpage records which the user asks to access and so on. 


IV. Disclaimer

The user shall take responsibilities for the information he or she published and any other action or other matter resulted on Calais Website, while Calais Company shall not take any responsibility. The user agrees expressly that if he or she causes Calais Company to suffer from any loss, any claim from a third party, or any punishment from administrative department due to his or her violation of relevant laws or provisions of this agreement, the user shall compensate Calais Company for all the losses thereof, including reasonable lawyer cost.


V. Jurisdiction

For any dispute arising from or in connection with this agreement, either party may lodge a lawsuit to the People’s Court with jurisdiction in the place where Calais Company is located. This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the People’s Republic of China.