Advantageous airlift resources
Calais has cooperated with domestic and overseas top-quality airline companies with priority to combination of reliability and speed, so as to fulfil any airlift requirement.
International airlift products
Calais provides three flexible airlift service modes for you. You may choose any of them according to your actual demand.
Except clear listing of accurate transportation time, our airlift solutions have no restrictions on the size and weight of goods. We commit ourselves to providing you with advanced and innovative comprehensive logistics services. Three service classes of Calais can fully meet your individualized demands.
International airlift products
Three timely products-- seize your golden opportunities
Any goods consigned to Calais can be delivered to any place in our country within a few hours.
In addition, Calais can provide door-to-door service by means of agents in various places according to clients' demands. Calais provides express-quality service with airlift cost.