Living animals
Including confirmation of goods quantity, destination and requirements on flight time, etc.
Client must provide Calais with BOOKING one month in advance. Calais will make reservation with expected flight in advance (Calais has BOOKING version. Client may use its own version if any)
You need to provide all vouchers needed by customs declaration and customs inspection around 2 working days in advance, so that Calais can confirm the completeness and consistence of such materials, including power of attorney for
customs declaration, power of
attorney for customs
inspection, invoice, packing
list, contract, verification
sheet, original and copy of
export permit of endangered
species, original and copy of
animal health certificate,
original and copy of inspection and
quarantine declaration form or commodity inspection certificate; in case of domestic flight transshipping, certificate for out-of-province transportation of wild animal, transportation permit issued by forestry bureau, Domestication & Reproduction Permit issued by domestic plant and animal protection bureau and other relevant materials.
Calais will affix experimental animal label, upward label and BOL label, provide airline
company with certificate for consigner of living animals,
and confirm the receipt and inspection sheet of living
animals provided by airline company. If there are no problems, goods will be warehoused, plate making will be done, and goods inspection and quarantine will be conducted.
We will print bill of lading according to the weight, and handle customs declaration with the prepared customs declaration materials and customs clearance sheet; after customs clearance, we will submit the bill of lading to airline company.
Our customer service personnel can provide the progress in goods transportation, and provide flight information after departure and before arrival.
If goods receiver requires our agent to handle customs clearance and dispatch of goods, our agent and the receiver
will confirm customs clearance
documents and handle
matters regarding customs
clearance and dispatch of
goods on commission. If the
receiver has fixed agent, our
agent will transfer goods to
the receiver's agent. Relevant
expenses occurring at the destination
are usually borne by the goods receiver.
Choose the most proper flight according to business demand and confirm cooperation clauses;
Freight space will be confirmed two weeks before goods forwarding, and corresponding coordination and treatment will be made.
Calais will inform you of delivery time in advance according to departure time of flight. You should deliver goods to cargo terminal of the airport at the designated time, or Calais will pick up goods from your company according to the time schedule.
We can apply for goods inspection before or after warehousing. If there are no problems, we will acquire inspection and quarantine declaration form.
After bill of lading is submitted, we will provide you with the copy of bill of lading so that you can provide it for foreign goods receiver who can hereby get ready to take delivery of goods. Also, we will provide bank statement, confirm accounts, and make settlement together with your company (for the specific settlement method, please refer to the payment stated in Article 7).
If your company requires airway bill (direct receiver is indicated in the master airway bill), the airline company will directly inform the receiver to take delivery of goods after arrival. The master airway bill may also be issued to our foreign agent. In this case, house airway bill will be issued to the goods receiver as well. After goods arrival, airline company will notify our agent who will notify your company to take delivery of goods.
a )  The external packages of exhibits must be solid and allow for utilization for multiple times. They must be protected from rain; the center of gravity must be marked. They must be firm enough for long-distance transportation and re-utilization. The original packages of exhibits should be firm enough in general, so that they can be used either when exhibits are retained or returned.
b )  According to relevant regulations of the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China, advertising/propaganda articles and technical materials, etc. that are used by exhibitors, including film, slide, contents and other publications, must accept the inspection by supervisors of China Customs in advance and must obtain related approval.
c )  All packages must be affixed with definite shipping marks in at least three directions in the following way: name of exhibition, name of exhibitor, exhibition hall number/exhibition stand number, package number (number/total number of pieces), gross/net weight (kg), and size: (L*W*H cubage/volume).